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About Adam Jofi...
Adam Jofi is a former Deputy Sheriff who holds a Bachelors of Art in Journalism and has worked as a television reporter with NBC, CBS
and FOX affiliates. He has interviewed several high-profile people, including former U.S President Jimmy Carter and former Majority
House Speaker Trent Lott. Jofi has always had a knack for getting the truth from those he interviewed, one time even getting a
suspected murderer to confess to a shooting on air.

Several years ago, Jofi resigned from television reporting to start his own newspaper and publishing company, which he has now owned for over 15 years.

"For years, people have asked me if I know anyone who can do this or do that, so I decided to launch AdamJofi.com as a referral website
where people can get help finding pretty much anything. I like to look at it as my 'Dream Team' of professionals," said Jofi.

"I have always had a saying: quitters don't win and winners don't quit. The people on my Dream Team are the real deal. Whether they're
contractors or hairdressers, they never quit, even when times got tough. Success doesn't come easy. It is earned. That is why I have very high expectations for my Adam Jofi Dream Team. They must be the best-of-the-best and perform at a high level."

Over his years in law enforcement and journalism, plus his business experience, Jofi has displayed honesty, integrity and fair judgment, which more than qualifies him to be the coach of the Adam Jofi Dream Team.
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